Steps soars on Sia-penned single 'What the Future Holds' (Listen)

U.K. pop group Steps premiered their comeback single "What the Future Holds" today. The quintet take their signature campy sound to the next level.

"What the Future Holds" is the lead single from Steps' upcoming album of the same name. The song was penned by Australian singer-songwriter Sia. As member Claire Richards revealed, Sia specifically gave the song to Steps to record. This is the group's first taste of new music since they staged a successful comeback with 2017's Tears on the Dancefloor album.

Reflecting the tumultuous world we're in at the moment, Steps looks for any ounce of hope on "What the Future Holds." All the members - Richards, Ian "H" Watkins, Faye Tozer, Lee Latchford-Evans, and Lisa Scott-Lee - take turns facing their internal and external struggles head-on. "Baby, please save me from my mind," Tozer sings. Among the spacey electro-pop production, Steps soars on the commanding chorus. The group demands answers and they channel that anxiety into a futuristic dance anthem for the post-apocalyptic age. This is Steps in 2020 and beyond. Chaos and uncertainty has never sounded so captivating.

The music video for "What the Future Holds" premieres on Friday, Sept. 11. If the cover art for the single is any indication, the next frontier for Steps is outer space. The What the Future Holds album will be released on Nov. 27.

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