Paulina Rubio & Alejandra Guzman preview Versus II duet 'Ni Tú Ni Nadie' video

The long rumored joint tour between Mexican icons Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzman was confirmed today with a preview of their music video. The Latin queen of pop and la reina del rock battle it out in the boxing ring for their cover of Alaska y Dinarama's '80s hit "Ni Tú Ni Nadie."

Since last year, rumors were rampant about a Rubio-Guzman ticket for a "Versus Part II Tour." Guzman previously toured the US in 2017 with another Mexican pop queen, Gloria Trevi, for the "Versus Tour." That trek saw two women, who were constantly pitted against each other by the media, join forces. Rubio was coming off her "Deseo Tour" and Guzman was in the midst of her solo tour when word started to get around about a "Versus II Tour."

Rubio and Guzman's joint tour of the US was supposedly going to be announced last month, but then February came and went. The question that lingers is if "Versus II" is still on or if it was cancelled in negotiations. What's for certain is that the two women filmed a music video for their collaboration "Ni Tú Ni Nadie." The news outlet De Primera Mano broadcasted a clip of it. Playing off the "Versus" theme, Rubio and Guzman fight it out fabulously as boxers. La Chica Dorada notably rocks some cheetah-print gloves.

What a sight it would be to see these two powerful women in Latin music come together for a tour. Hopefully it's still in on and that we'll get the full "Ni Tú Ni Nadie" music video soon, especially in March for Women's History Month. For now, Rubio is getting ready to release her next single "Tú y Yo" with Mexican DJ Raymix on March 20.

See the preview below:

Photo composite courtesy of Universal Music Latin, second photo composite by JC Designs

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