Mandy Moore returns as pop goddess in 'When I Wasn't Watching' music video

After a decade of primarily focusing on acting, Mandy Moore is stepping back into music with her new single "When I Wasn't Watching." On the sunny pop track, she seemingly reflects on finding herself following her split from ex-husband Ryan Adams and the pressures of social media.

"When I Wasn't Watching" is the first single from Moore's first new album since 2009's Amanda Leigh. Aside from recording some songs for the 2010 Disney movie Tangled, she has become known this decade for her Emmy-nominated role as Rebecca Pearson on NBC's hit show This is Us. Moore was working on an album with her ex Adams, who she later claimed was creatively stifling and emotionally abusive.

Moore wrote "When I Wasn't Watching" with her current husband Taylor Goldsmith and the song was produced by Mike Viola, who worked on a majority of Amanda Leigh. Like that album, her return to music is a throwback to pop's psychedelic and brighter days. A surf-rock sound backs Moore becoming introspective possibly about her time being married to Adams. "My favorite version of me disappeared through longer days and shorter years," she sings. The lyrics also seem to touch on our obsession with keeping up an appearance on social media. "Assumed the world would come around to who we are when no one is looking," Moore adds. "Watching" is a beautiful warm-up as Mandy finds her footing and blossoms into a singer-songwriter once again.

In the music video for "When I Wasn't Watching," Moore is stunning as she flexes like a pop goddess among scenic shots. There's no release date yet for her upcoming seventh studio album, but the single is now available on all digital retailers.

Photo composite courtesy of music video screenshot, courtesy of UMG records