Malva takes flight with new single 'Gaviotas' (Watch)

Meet Malva, the rising pop-rock trio hailing from Murcia, Spain. The guys just premiered the music video for their latest single "Gaviotas." It's a full circle moment for the Factor X standouts.

Malva is comprised of singer Carlos Segura and guitarists Alex Sotomayor and Gabri Cortés. On a Spanish variant of The X Factor in 2018, their band rose to prominence playing Segura's compositions instead of covering other artists' music. One of the songs that wowed the judges, including Italian superstar Laura Pausini, was "Gaviotas," or "Seagulls." Even though the guys didn't win the competition, they made their mark with their original tunes.

Instead of going the major label route, Malva went independent last year and released their debut single "Todo Lo Que Me Juraste." While that song was very electric, the guys dial it down a bit with their follow-up, a newly-recorded version of "Gaviotas." Segura's voice soars as he longs for the simpler times. Sotomayor and Cortés supply his sweet recollections with some guitar bounce. Malva sounds like they're ready to take flight with this hearty and heartfelt offering.

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In the music video for "Gaviotas," the guys of Malva hit up a recording studio and let it rip. Segura struts his stuff as his bandmates strum like they mean it. The passion behind the song comes to life in this powerful performance clip. "Gaviotas" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. There's no word yet if this will lead to an EP or album.

Photo composite courtesy of Malva music

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