Malva and fans party from home in cool 'Ártico' music video (Watch)

Pop-rock trio Malva from Murcia, Spain premiered the music video for "Ártico" today. Very in tune with the social distancing people are practicing in the time of COVID-19 (or Coronavirus), the guys encouraged fans to film themselves singing the song from home and the group joins in on the quarantine party.

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Since launching independently last September with "Todo Lo Que Me Juraste" (one of our favorite songs of last year), Malva has steadily released singles, including January's "Gaviotas." While the latter was a bit on the ballad side, the guys (Carlos Segura, Alex Sotomayor, and Gabri Cortés) turn it up to 11 with their latest "Ártico," or "Arctic." Led by lead singer Segura, Malva breaks the ice on a blossoming romance. The whirlwind chorus is easy to get swept up in with Segura's sweet somethings riding a wave of electric guitar. Malva keeps things interesting with a salsa breakdown in there. The trio continues to heat things up in the pop-rock en español scene with the blistering and spellbinding "Ártico."

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With people around the world in self-quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19, Malva crowd-sourced their music video for "Ártico" with footage of themselves and their fans rocking out to the track at home. The video was put together by TresSotomayor, another project of Alex's. Seeing people having some fun during this difficult time is a reminder that we do need music to help us get through this. It's a cute and cozy clip captures the blast of energy that is "Ártico."

"Ártico" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. There's no word yet if the Malva's singles will lead to a new EP or album soon.

See the music video here:

Photo composite courtesy of Malva music

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