Listen: Lindsay Lohan returns to music with new single 'Xanax'

Actress-turned-entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan has finally returned to music with new single "Xanax" that premiered on Sept. 24. According to her Instagram post, the drowsy dance track features singer-songwriter Alma.

"Xanax" is Lohan's first taste of new music since 2008's "Bossy" from her rumored Spirit in the Dark album that was later shelved. Since then, she has focused on acting and other ventures like a beach club in Mykonos and a mobile app. With our Lindsay Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw) albums getting old and worn out, she is finally satiating our thirst for new music with "Xanax."

As "Xanax" hasn't been formally released yet (only through Lohan's Instagram account), some details around the new single are a little spotty. From what we do know, some of the co-writers involved include Jesse Saint John, who is one of the people behind Lizzo's No. 1 hit "Truth Hurts," and Alma, who wrote on Miley Cyrus' "Mother's Daughter" and "Slide Away." The writers behind Alice Deejay's 1998 trance smash "Better Off Alone" are probably also credited since the song's famous melody is heavily sampled.

Whereas "Better Off Alone" was like on speed, "Xanax," like the actual drug suggests, turns down that BPM and turns up the melodrama. Lohan, who is infamously sober now, seemingly returns to her wild party girl days of the late 2000s with a new perspective. "No, I can't be in this club / It's too crowded and I'm fucked," she sings. Lohan likens the guy of her eye to the drug and a temporary cure to her anxieties. Not since Julia Michaels' "Issues" has there been a love song that beautifully weaves together imperfection and romance. As Lohan's comeback single, the addictive and dreamy bop is just what the doctored ordered.

Lohan premiered "Xanax" in full on Instagram and paired it with a video featuring various clips of her and her friends having fun. It's very Lana Del Rey-esque. According to reports, the single should be formally released in a few weeks.

Hear the song and see the video below:

Photo composite courtesy of Lindsay Lohan's Instagram account