Latin pop stars Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Karol G, CNCO & more celebrate LGBTQ Pride month

In honor of LGBTQ+ Pride month and our 1-year anniversary (it was on June 24!), I put together a compilation of my interviews where I asked our favorite Latin music pop stars about their thoughts on the queer community. Because let's be real, a lot of their support comes from us. As a gay man, I always try my best to bring up our community in the interviews I do to hear if they're supporting us back. Here's words from Paulina Rubio, Thalía, Ivy Queen, Karol G, Prince Royce, CNCO, and more.

There are also Latin music pop stars who are part of the LGBTQ+ community included here like Pabllo Vittar, Raymix, Georgel, and Solomon Ray. If we want to see more of us reflected in the media, we should be supporting our own folks as well. And artists in the LGBTQ+ community shouldn't just be celebrated for Pride month but all year long.

Paulina Rubio (September 2019)

I believe love is love. They are una potencia [a force]. My gay fans are an example of how we and love are so powerful that we can change everything. All the obstacles that we jump over are a little of the light that we reveal. They’re fearless and that reminds me of who I am.

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Thalía (June 2020)

[The LGBTQ+ community] have always been supportive of my career since the beginning. I've stayed true to my message in my fashion, my statements, and my music: to be yourself, to love yourself, to not be afraid to put yourself out there no matter who judges you, and to believe in yourself no matter the obstacles in the way. Arrasando consolidated that message and strengthened my relationship with the community. I'm very proud of this album.

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Ivy Queen (March 2020)

The inspiration and the colorful energy the [LGBTQ+] community has always caught my attention. I live surrounded by human beings who have never judged me, who have adored me, and who make me feel regal when I’m on the stage. More than a message, I congratulate them for having advanced in a world that unfortunately judges out of fear what it does not understand. Congratulations and keep going, but above all, protect your heart, your soul, and your health. I am eternally grateful to them.

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Karol G (March 2020)

I love having part of my following from [the LGBTQ+] community. I love people who can go out into the world and be fearless. I'm very proud of that because the world really lacks people like that: people with personality, attitude, and a strong will. That's something I admire very much from that community. They have a beautiful energy.

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Pabllo Vittar (April 2020)

In that moment, I freaked out because it's a dream come true [to be the first drag queen nominated for a Latin Grammy]. I feel so blessed. I want to inspire all the girls, all the drag queens and other people in the queer community to believe in your dreams and never forget them because you can do anything.

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Prince Royce (March 2020)

[I have] just a lot of love [for the gay community]. For me, it doesn't matter where you're from or who you like: It's all about love. The gay community has shown so much love [to me]. I just try to put out a lot of positivity. In these last 10 years, I wouldn't be able to do it without all these people that have shown love. We've been going through all these hard times recently in general—as Latinos, as human beings—that at the end of the day, we're all human. We all just want to have a good time and enjoy music. I feel like that's what it should be when it comes to concerts and music. Let's go out there. Let's have fun.

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Danna Paola (June 2020)

As a human, I want to express being free without any judgments in my music. I want to put love into the world and if I can do that with my music, I will always. I’m really grateful for the LGBTQ+ community that makes me feel like I’m a part of their family. Love is love. Love is not ordinary.

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Lali (October 2019)

[The LGBTQ+ community is] a big part of my audience. They’re the best. They’re my family. We’re super united through the music. My songs like “Soy,” “Boomerang,” “Reina,” and “Caliente” with Pabllo Vittar are ones that I do for my gay fans so that we can come together and live in a free and happy musical world.

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Tini (January 2020)

I have a lot of gay friends. It’s crazy when they tell me that my music is playing in the gay clubs and that everyone is dancing. For me, it’s a very big dream that people feel and identify with my music, that they’re enjoying it. I believe music brings the world together in light of that. I hope people feel happy hearing my music.

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Mau y Ricky (February 2020)

Ricky Montaner: We just promote love and acceptance and respect. Love is love period. All the following that we’ve gotten from the LGBTQ community has been amazing. Especially with the collaborations that we’ve done with Lali and TINI that are big in the [LGBTQ+] community. Being able to be part of that as well has just been incredible. We love you guys so much. To be able to have fans who are part of that community is beautiful. To promote overall love, that’s our message.

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Raymix (June 2020)

Life is something that’s very precious. If we have the ability to make our lives better by coming out, we should do that. Go for it. It’s really worth it. You will be double happy for living your truth. Believe me.

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Camilo (May 2020)

I would say my message is really for everyone who is alive and has a spirit. Inside our spirit doesn't have race, gender, social status, sexual orientation, or anything like that. That's what matters the most is our spirit. Be you. Be true to yourself and don't let anyone change you. God loves everyone. We always have to lead with love.

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Georgel (June 2019)

Pride means proudly knowing who you are and loving who you are with all your colors. I think Pride is mostly about visibility. Something is going on. [Us artists in the LGBTQ+ community] are not wanting to be quiet anymore. We are stepping out of the shadows. More and more artists are coming to terms that their art has a social purpose.

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Solomon Ray (June 2019)

I never saw myself [an artist from the LGBTQ+ community] in the media growing up. I never heard myself in music or on TV, in music videos, or anything like that. Eventually I had to become that person, so I take pride in that because it lets me know that the next generation, they're going to have people that they'll be able to identify with in media. Because of visibility, because of the media, people's opinions and their views change as well. That's our responsibility.

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CNCO (July 2019)

Richard Camacho: We support the [LGBTQ+] movement to be honest. Christopher Vélez: Love is love. Richard: I feel like just be happy. Be you.

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