Lali takes on 'Las Marvillas de La Vida' with Los Ángeles Azules (Watch)

This week Argentine pop princess Lali teamed up with iconic Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules for "Las Maravillas de La Vida." In front of a live studio audience, Lali and the band bring down the house with the captivating track.

"Las Maravillas de La Vida," or "The Wonders of Life," is the latest single by Los Ángeles Azules. The band known for its unique cumbia sonidera sound is consistently delivering solid collaborations. Previously, they enlisted Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas and Argentine pop king Juan Ingaramo for the magical "Acariñame." On "Maravillas," Los Ángeles Azules features another Argentine singer, Lali Espósito, who professionally goes by her first name.

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Throughout her music career, Lali has dabbled in all types of music like Latin trap with a pop twist on last year's "LALIGERA" and reggaeton-pop with Mexican pop icon Thalía on "Lindo Pero Bruto" (one of our favorite songs of last year). She expands her musical horizons with Los Ángeles Azules on "Las Marvillas de La Vida." The group first released the track back in 2013 with Mexican artist Carla Morrison. On this more majestic take, Lali is enchanting as she lets a potential lover down gently. Like casting a spell, Lali is able to smooth things over backed by the band's bewitching sound. Lali and Los Ángeles Azules make a marvelous duo.

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"Las Maravillas de La Vida" is now available on all streaming services. Ingaramo showed his compatriot some love on Instagram, writing "Lali + Los Ángeles Azules = bomb emoji." The collaboration follows Lali's most recent single, "Lo Que Tengo Yo," a reggaeton-pop bop produced by Puerto Rican legend Tainy. Her fourth studio album is due out later this year.

Watch "Las Maravillas de La Vida" here:

Photo composite courtesy of Disa

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