Demi Lovato beats herself up in 'I Love Me' music video (Watch)

Pop superstar Demi Lovato premiered the music video for "I Love Me" today. She fights her past issues and unrealistic body standards in the empowering clip.

"I Love Me" is Lovato's second single since she returned to the music scene in January with the emotional ballad "Anyone." Her latest is more light-hearted but just as impactful. Lovato wrote "Love" with U.K. singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and producer Warren "Oak" Felder, who worked with her on 2017's "Sorry Not Sorry." She fires off clever one-liners about her new body positive and self-confident outlook on life. "'Cause I'm a black belt when I'm beating up myself," she admits. Lovato serves up some tough love with sass on this sweet and soaring bop.

In the music video for "I Love Me," Lovato literally fights herself off. Her inner battle is not just a metaphorical one. She later strolls through the city streets of New York and walks by a person getting taken away by an ambulance, most likely alluding to the reported drug overdose that almost took her life in 2018. Lovato is a survivor and she uses that big voice of hers to let the world know that she's still here and thriving.

"I Love Me" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. There's no word yet on when to expect the follow-up to her last album, 2017's Tell Me You Love Me.

See the video below:

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