Get to know Camilo 'Por Primera Vez' on 5 songs from his new album

Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo Echeverry released his new album Por Primera Vez today. Professionally he goes after his first name only and wants the world to get to know him on a first-name basis with this 10-track effort. After penning hits for other artists, Camilo is returning to the spotlight and ready to lead the charge with his "Amar es la Revolución," or "Love is the Revolution," mantra.

Camilo rose to prominence in Colombia after winning a variation of The X Factor over there. In his brief tenure as a reality TV pop star, he released two albums: 2007's Regálame Tu Corazón and 2010's Tráfico de Sentimientos. After feeling wrung through the music industry machine, Camilo stepped away from performing and recording. Fast-forward to the end of this past decade where he was behind-the-scenes writing songs for other artists. His name suddenly had a global reach in the credits of hits like Becky G and Natti Natasha's 13-times Platinum "Sin Pijama," Bad Bunny's Gold-certified "Si Estuviésemos Juntos," and Juanes and Alessia Cara's "Querer Mejor," where he was nominated for Song of the Year at last year's Latin Grammy Awards.

Nearly a decade after he stopped performing, Camilo signed with Sony Music Latin in February 2019 to restart his music career. Along with still penning hits for artists like Karol G, Mau y Ricky, and Sebastián Yatra, Camilo released a few singles of his own like one of our favorites from last year, "No Te Vayas," and his first global hit "Tutu" with Pedro Capó. (Colombian legend Shakira later hopped on a remix.) His latest is called Por Primera Vez, or "For the First Time." With Camilo putting out music on his own terms, this reintroduction truly feels like the first time that he's putting out an album.

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Outside of the few singles that were released, we picked 5 of our favorite songs on Por Primera Vez to get to know Camilo, a name that you'll be hearing a lot more of.

"Por Primera Vez"

This past February, Camilo got married to Evaluna Montaner, the daughter of Argentine great Ricardo Montaner and sister to duo Mau y Ricky. Evaluna, who was the inspiration for "Tutu," has appeared in all his music videos since he restarted with "No Te Vayas." The couple lets fans in on their fairy tale romance with the duet "Por Primera Vez." The reggaeton beat feels like a heartbeat as they exchange sweet lyrics like vows with each other. In the music video, you can actually see them getting married. The love between the two is real on this magical ballad.


One thing you'll learn about Camilo is that he is adorable AF. Like in "No Te Vayas," the positive energy that he exudes comes through clear as day on "Favorito." As a singer-songwriter coming up in an era where urbano is dominating Latin music, Camilo's beautifully mastered blending elements of pop and reggaeton. The smile on his face is tangible as he lists out everything that he loves about Evaluna. Their honeymoon adventures unfold in the personal music video. This tropical bop is the heart-eyes emoji manifested in a song and it's our absolute favorite on the album.

"La Mitad"

The bb's of Latin music teamed up for a surprise collaboration. Camilo enlisted Mexican mariacheño singer Christian Nodal for "La Mitad," or "Half." With the help of the rising star in regional Mexican music, Camilo tackles and sounds at home on the heartbreaking bolero. He digs deep with his distinctly delicate voice to match the emotion of Nodal's beyond-his-years croon. Both acts complement each other well as they commiserate in thoughts of losing their other halves. The versatility in Camilo's artistry jumps out, proving that he can sound great in any genre. This is the duet that we didn't know we needed.

"Si Estoy Contigo"

With "Si Estoy Contigo," or "If I'm With You," Camilo unlocks the sultriness in his sweet vocals. He channels his inner smooth operator in trying to woo the woman of his eye. A sleek soundscape with reggaeton beats backs Camilo's flirty lyrics. As evidenced by the music video where he does his best to bust a move, it's also his most bailable, or danceable, song. Camilo is coming for the clubs next and this entrancing number just might be his ticket in.

"El Mismo Aire"

In the diary-like album, we've gotten to know Cute Camilo, Mexicano Camilo, and Sexy Camilo. The darkest chapter is "El Mismo Aire," or "The Same Air," where Emo Camilo emerges. Stirring strings soundtrack the harsh realization of a relationship that's run its course. The tension between the two protagonists can be cut with a knife thanks to his vividly cold lyricism. Camilo sounds like a shell of his former self on this haunting ballad that's got us in our feelings.

Photo composite courtesy of Sony Music Latin

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