Aly & AJ confirm 'Flattery' song is about Joe Jonas

After AJ Michalka's old romance with Jonas Brother Joe Jonas was in the news this week, Aly & AJ set the record straight on Tuesday night. It was being reported that the sister act's biggest hit "Potential Breakup Song" was written about Jonas, but the ladies revealed that he actually inspired the deep cut "Flattery."

YouTuber Elle Mills brought Michalka and Jonas' 2006 relationship (that I didn't know about until now) into the news cycle on April 2 when she tweeted a theory about their fallout inspiring Aly & AJ's top 20 hit "Potential Breakup Song." The sisters responded today with a simple "Flattery not Potential." The song "Flattery" is on 2007's Insomniatic album, which is also home to "Potential Breakup Song."

"Flattery" is honestly one of Aly & AJ's best songs that was never a single and knowing Joe Jonas inspired the biting lyrics adds a whole other level to the pop-rock kiss-off. AJ noticeably takes lead vocals on the electric standout.

Some of the lyrics include:

Please, don't flatter yourself

You're not the only one

Whose heart has ever fell

Please, don't exaggerate

Don't tell me you're okay

I will admit if you'll admit it

It's harder than we both thought

It's easier to fall apart

Look where we are

I can forgive it, I can't forget it

You left me here with all these scars

And you can't deny the hardest part: I'm not in your arms

If you saw Aly & AJ on their 2018 Promises Tour where "Flattery" was a part of the setlist, this news about Joe Jonas inspiring the song is old. Before playing it each night, Aly would let the audience know the tea about this fan favorite.

Whatever the case, any reason is a good reason to revisit "Flattery." Aly & AJ are putting the finishing touches on their highly-anticipated follow-up album to Insomniatic that's due out later this year. "Flattery" is not the only song about Joe. Taylor Swift wrote 2008's "Forever & Always" about him after their breakup. Jonas is now happily married with British actress Sophie Turner. There's no bad blood between AJ and Joe as the two former Disney stars took a photo together back in 2012.

Listen to "Flattery" below:

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